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3|\|TR!3$ F3LL0\/\/ R0cK3R$ C@L3|\|D@R U$3r !|\|F0 Pr3\/!0U$ Pr3\/!0U$ |\|3><T |\|3><T
Maximum Rock & Roll - Us Who Enjoy AC/DC And All They Have To Offer
But We've Got The BIGGEST Balls Of Them ALL!!!
Maximum Rock & Roll
4 Shoot To Thrill - Play To Kill
(Deleted comment)
tilly_rose_star From: tilly_rose_star Date: December 30th, 2007 07:05 am (UTC) (L!|\|><)
Yes I got it, and talk about awesome! Did you get the set that came with the ticket replications and the poster and stuff?
4 Shoot To Thrill - Play To Kill